1. Quick Information Bar

Quick Info Small.jpg
Located in the top left corner of your utility statement, the quick information bar enables Danville Utilities customers to quickly see the total amount due and the payment due date. Above the quick information bar, important Utilities contact information can be seen as well.

Account - Customer Number
The Account - Customer Number is actually two identification numbers displayed together. The Account Number, displayed first in the Quick Information Bar, is the unique I.D. number for the service location. The Account Number can be the same for several individual customers in the same location. The Customer Number, displayed second in the Quick Information Bar is the unique I.D. number for the individual customer. If a customer moves, the Account Number will change but their Customer Number will always stay the same.

Bill Render Date
The Bill Render Date is the date the bill was printed and mailed out to customers.

Due Date
The Due Date is the date on which the customer's payment is due. The Due Date will always be 15 days from the Bill Render Date.

Amount Due
The Amount Due is the total payment amount that is due by the Due Date.