Safe and Sound Neighborhoods

The Safe & Sound Neighborhoods program recognizes that physical, security, and social conditions in Danville’s neighborhoods have a direct bearing on the community’s quality of life and its ability to build a bright future. Neighborhoods are the places of everyday life and these places matter. Allowing a neighborhood to decline and deteriorate harms not only those who live, work, or visit there, but also injures the entire community.
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All municipal departments involved in the Safe & Sound Neighborhoods program, including the Police Department, will maintain needed services across Danville’s entire 44 square miles. But they will at the same time strategically focus municipal government programs and activities in selected program areas in a fashion that has a maximum impact on reducing crime, particularly homicides and burglaries. The Safe & Sound Neighborhoods program is being introduced initially in areas of Danville hardest hit by these serious crimes.

While Danville's crime rate over time has been comparable to those of similarly sized cities, incidents of homicide and burglary have been alarmingly high during recent years. A detailed analysis conducted by the Police Department reveals that, in many cases, both perpetrators and victims of homicide are known to each other and likely to be part of a violent criminal subculture of single, unemployed young men and actively involved in drug and/or gang related activities. Even petty arguments among these young men quickly explode into deadly violence.

This criminal subculture tends to concentrate unlawful and violent activities in north and south-central Danville neighborhoods. Consequently, the first Safe & Sound Neighborhoods target area focused in the north-central neighborhood that is bounded by Riverside Drive on the south, Locust Lane on the west, Third Avenue on the north, and North Main Street and Worsham Street on the east. The new target area, deployed on June 1, 2011 is on the south side of the river, bounded by Industrial Avenue in the south, Central Boulevard and South Main Street to the west, Memorial Drive in the north, and Ridge Street and Monument Street to the east. As incidents of homicide are reduced and stabilized in this area, the program will be expanded as needed.

Recognizing that there are many causes of crime, Safe & Sound Neighborhoods is more than a crime fighting program. Working in partnership with the neighborhood, the City will deploy a blend of four essential program elements that is customized to meet the needs of the area. This will include emphasis on:
  • Safety & Security
  • Property Conditions
  • Streets & Public Spaces
  • Quality of Neighborhood Life
Reports and Newsletters
Safe & Sound Neighborhoods aims to keep residents informed of the work taking place in their community. Newsletters are sent to residents, property owners, local businesses/non-profits, and churches in the target area.

Issue 1 - October 2010
Issue 2 - January 2011
6 Month Update - April 2011

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