Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting Information

Meeting Agenda and Minutes 

Reserve A Ride Student Discount Fare

  • Effective December 1, 2015, active students are eligible to pay $2 per one way trip when using the Reserve A Ride Service.
  • To receive the Reserve A Ride Student discount fare, students must first obtain a Reserve A Ride Student Discount Card at the Transfer Center (Hub) and provide additional documentation, which confirms current enrollment (please see below).  The Transfer Center is located at 515 Spring Street, Danville, Virginia 24541. 
  • After receiving a Reserve A Ride Student Discount Card, please show your student picture identification card and your Danville Transit Student Discount card to the driver when boarding.  Please note, the Reserve A Ride Student Discount card will need to be reissued for each semester or term using the same process listed above to show the student is currently enrolled.

        The following is required to obtain the Student Discount Card at Danville Transit’s 
        Transfer Center (Hub):

  1. Provide a current student picture identification card from your school or college
  2. Provide proof of enrollment for the current semester or term (i.e. class schedule)
  3. Complete a one page application at the Transfer Center (Hub).  The application requires
    the student to identify their name, address, school and the enrollment period.