Report Meter Tampering & Power Theft

Why Should You Pay for a Criminal's Theft?
In today’s economy, people are looking for ways to make ends meet. But meter tampering is not worth the costly and potentially deadly risk to people and their families. It may seem like stealing electricity is a victimless crime, but in fact, all Danville Utilities customers share in the cost.

Most importantly, tampering with an electric meter is extremely dangerous. Serious injury or death from electrocution, explosion or fire can result from meter tampering. Only trained Utilities personnel wearing protective gear should work on meters.

Danville Utilities field employees are trained to look for suspicious circumstances. You can help reduce costs for all customers by notifying us if you see or hear about someone talking about bypassing the meter, or if you believe a meter has been tampered with.

Please help us stop energy theft by reporting what you have seen or heard. You can call 434-799-5159 or click the link below to complete our anonymous form:
meter tampering box small.jpg