Annual Action Plan

The City of Danville is a participating jursidiction under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) program. The City receives annual CDBG and HOME funds from HUD. The main goals of the programs are to provide safe, affordable and decent housing, a suitable living environment and expanded economic opportunities. Funded activities must also address at least one of the following national objectives.

  • Benefitting low and moderate income persons
  • Addressing slums or blight
  • Meeting an urgent community need

The CDBG entitlement for fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019) is $865,416, which includes $50,000 of program income. The HOME entitlement for fiscal year 2019 is $270,868 including $100,000 of program income. Under the HOME program the City is required to set aside 15% of its allocation to Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO). The fiscal year 2019 CHDO is Southside Outreach Group.

View the 2018-2019 Annual Action Plan (PDF).

Annual Action Plan Amendment

The City of Danville is amending its HUD 2019 Action Plan to add one new grant allocation previously not identified.  It is enumerated as follows:


Purpose:    To assist with rent/mortgage payments due to of loss of employment/business as a direct result of COVID-19 for low to moderate income individuals and businesses in the city limits of Danville, VA.

Eligibility:    URG

National Objective:    570.208(a) – Urgent Need

Budget:    $228,845.00

A 5-day public comment period on the proposed program amendment will run from October 12, 2020 to October 16, 2020.  Comments may be submitted in three ways:

  • By Mail:

City of Danville

Department of Community Development

Chasta White

P.O. Box 3300

Danville, VA 24543

  • By email to
  • Through an online form.