Picnic Shelters

Picnic Shelters are located at Anglers, Ballou, Camilla Williams, Coates, and Dan Daniel Memorial Park and are available for either a half-day rental or a full-day rental. Reservations include shelters only; parks, playgrounds, and parking lots remain open to the public. All shelters require a refundable $30 clean up deposit.

Shelters can be reserved for public events; however, an Event Application (obtainable through the Park Services Office) will be required. Call (434) 799-5215.

The inclusion of athletic fields requires additional reservations made through the Sports and Athletics Office at Squire Recreation Center. Standard fees apply. Call (434) 799-5214.

Large Shelters - 5-hour use $45; 10-hour use $80

The following parks have large shelters. Electricity is included.

  • Anglers Park - Shelter Number 21
  • Ballou Park - Shelters Number 6 and Number 10
  • Dan Daniel Memorial Park - Shelter Number 17

Small Shelters 5-hour use $30; $10-hour use $50

The following parks have small shelters or shade structures.

  • Ballou Park - Shelters Number 2 and Number 8
  • Camilla Williams Park - Shelter Number 22
  • Dan Daniel Memorial Park - Shelters Number 11, Number 13, Number 15, and Shade Structure Number 16

Coates Park Shelter - 5-hour use $25; 10-hour use $60

Picnic Sites - 5-hour use $15; 10-hour use $30

Picnic sites include a picnic table, benches and nearby trash receptacle. Sites are located in Ballou Park and Dan Daniel Memorial Park.