Inspired Reading Lists


If you love comparing the book to the show this is the list for you. Many of these adaptations are also available in our DVD collection. Check our catalog to find out.

Read It Binge It (The Turn of the Screw)
Read It Binge It (Cursed)
Read It Binge It (Altered Carbon)
Read It Binge It (The Queens Gambit)
Read It Binge It (The Duke and I)
Read It Binge It (Good Omens)
Read It Binge It (Little Fires Everywhere)

Read While You Drive

If you are short on free time, maybe an audio book is a great fit. Listen on to go or while you take care of household chores. All of these titles are also available in our e-collection on Overdrive / Libby.

Helpful hint: If you find an audio-book reader you love, you can search our catalog by their name to find other titles you might enjoy!

Read While You Drive  (The Answer Is)
Read While You Drive  (Becoming)
Read While You Drive  (The Life We Bury)
Read While You Drive  (The Four Winds)
Read While You Drive  (Just Mercy)
Read While You Drive  (Big Little Lies)