Code Enforcement & Permits

Fire Marshal’s Office

The Fire Marshal’s Office offers a wide array of services, including code enforcement for businesses through inspections and plans review, coordination of hydrant maintenance, and pre-incident surveys of businesses; fire cause investigations; and a variety of fire prevention and life safety programs.

The fire marshals enforce the 2015 Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code throughout the City of Danville. This code utilizes the 2015 International Fire Code to set mandatory standards for all occupancies, except one- and two- family dwellings. These standards are designed to reduce the danger of fires, explosions, or other life safety hazards.

One of the primary jobs of the fire marshals is to ensure code compliance by reviewing plans of proposed new construction or modifications to existing buildings. This includes the inspection of the building during construction or modification to witness that the proper fire protection measures are installed.

Basic information on the codes, policies, and requirements of the City of Danville Fire Marshal’s Office may be found in the Danville Code Compliance Manual (PDF). The information provided in the manual represents the current minimum requirements of the Fire Marshal’s Office on new construction of buildings, installation and modification of fire protection systems, and other fire prevention related issues.


The Danville Fire Department charges for issuing permits, conducting inspections, plan reviews, witnessing tank removals and installations, responding to false alarm calls, and other activities as listed on our Fee Schedule (PDF).


The Danville Fire Department issues the following permits. The requirements are indicated on the permit application:

All requests must be scheduled with the Fire Marshal’s Office by email or by calling 434-799-5226.


Fire investigations fall under the direction of the fire marshal. A joint investigation with the Danville Police Department is utilized for crimes of arson.