Planning & Zoning


The Planning Division acts as staff support for the City Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the River District Design Commission, and the Commission of Architectural Review. Our office also conducts plan reviews for zoning compliance and updates the City's 2020 Comprehensive Land Use Plan and 2030 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

The staff is also responsible for issuing Zoning Clearances and Sign Permits and enforcing the City's Zoning Code.

For more information, contact the Planning Office at 434-799-5260.

The River District Development Project
The City of Danville is in the process of implementing a development plan for its “River District,” generally consisting of the traditional central business district, historic tobacco warehouse district and manufacturing area, and contiguous areas. The Design Guidelines list appropriate materials, outline procedures and explain what types of architectural elements are expected for the district’s existing buildings and new construction.

Changes to Flood Insurance Rates may effect what you pay!

Glenwood and W. Townes Lea Redevelopment
The City of Danville is accepting Requests for Proposals for the sale or transfer of Glenwood School (1540 Halifax Road) and W. Townes Lea SChool (439 Cedarbrook Dr) for adaptive redevelopment.. There will be a neighborhood meeting on Thursday March 19, 2015 in the 2nd Floor Conference Room regarding any opinions neighbors may want to share in relation to these schools. Further information is provided in the letter to surrounding property owners which can be found here