Rental Housing Inspection Program

The Rental Housing Inspection Program is aimed at promoting greater compliance with health and safety standards to reduce substandard conditions in rental housing. The City of Danville Inspections Division feels that early prevention of deteriorating housing is the goal of this program. The program achieves compliance of health, safety and welfare code violations in/on residential rental property that result in a threat to the occupant's safety, threat to the structural integrity of the building, and negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

There are three designated rental districts (PDF) within the city limits, one on the north side, one on the south side and the other is the Old West End District, better known as OWE. The north district (PDF) starts at Third Avenue and continues to West Thomas Street/East Thomas Street and contains adjacent streets. The south district (PDF) starts at Industrial Avenue continuing west to Stokesland Avenue and Pumpkin Creek to Lanier Avenue. The OWE district (PDF) is located in the City's overlay district which includes Pine Street, Green Street, Sutherlin Avenue, Chestnut Street and parts of Jefferson Avenue and Patton Street.