Residential Lot Plans

Single-Family Residential Lot Plans

To ensure that proposed single family uses and related lot development activities are compatible with approved subdivision plats and public improvements plans, and to ensure consistency with the underlying residential zoning district regulations, a single family lot plan shall be required to be located in the City's single family residential zoning districts. The residential lot development plan shall accompany zoning permit, building permit and/or use applications for single family residences, accessory buildings, accessory uses, private garages, rental uses of a portion of a single family dwelling, onsite parking areas or other lot improvements which are constructed, reconstructed, rehabilitated, or otherwise expanded within the above indicated districts.

The single-family residential lot plan shall include the following:

  • Address and tax map reference number of lot; name of subdivision and deed reference
  • North arrow; dimensions of the lot drawn to scale of 1"=20' with meets and bounds of lot
  • Location and dimensions of both the existing structure(s) and the structure(s) to be erected on the lot
  • Geotechnical evaluation and certified engineering design of building foundation lots which contain shrink/swell soils (if required)
  • Dimensional setbacks from property lines to any structure or improvement, including covered porches, decks, stairwells, garages, swimming pools, accessory uses, etc.
  • Square footage of lot per recorded subdivision plat
  • Easements contained within the lot or across the lot line
  • Proposed finished lot grading shown with two foot (2') contour intervals (if required)
  • Certificate of water and sewer availability
  • Location of all required off-street parking
  • Location of all existing natural or man-made drainage channels and storm sewer facilities, as well as location of proposed drainage improvements, to ensure the adequate conveyance of stormwater on and through the property
  • Location and boundaries of 100 year floodplain
  • Alignment and grade for private access roads and driveways (if required)
  • Location of service connections to public water and sewer
  • Special requirements for slope stabilization and other practices related to development of riverfront or environmentally sensitive property (if required)
  • Location of construction entrance
  • Erosion and sediment control measures, where applicable
  • Foundation engineering design (if required)
  • Maintenance and easement agreements for property, utilities, access, drainage and other infrastructure (if required)

For more information, contact the Planning Division at 434-799-5260.