Handivan Service

Service Highlights

The Danville Transit System's Handivan service is available to residents of the City of Danville who are determined to be unable to use the fixed route service due to a physical or cognitive disability. Riders may bring a small, personal-use-size stroller or small cart, which must be securely held.  The cart or stroller must have wheels or brakes that can be locked. 


Patrons must obtain certification forms from the transit system. A form must be completed by a qualified physician, health care professional, or rehabilitation professional.


To use the Handivan service, a passenger must first complete certification forms to determine eligibility. Once approved, passengers can complete reservations by calling 434-799-5144 between 6 am and 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Passengers may also call 434-773-8132 to reserve service Monday through Saturday from 8 am until 5 pm. Next day service may be reserved Monday through Sunday by leaving your trip request on the answering machine.

Return Trips

All return trips should be scheduled when reservations are made if at all possible. When your return time is unknown, please try to give the dispatcher the approximate time when you will be ready to be picked up.

The Handivan fare is $2 for passengers and escorts. Personal care attendants can ride at no charge. One child 12 years old and younger traveling with a paying adult may ride free.