Meals Tax

Collecting Meal Taxes

As of July 1st 2018 the meals tax for the City of Danville is 6.5% of the cost of meals and/or drinks. This tax is due and payable by the customer at the time such items are purchased. View a list of Foods and Food Products (PDF).

The Commissioner of the Revenue's Office reminds you it is the duty of the proprietor of the establishment to keep accurate records of all meals tax monies collected. The proprietor must deliver these monies along with a meals tax return (PDF) to the Commissioner of the Revenue on/or before the last day of the calendar month following the month for which taxes were collected.

When said taxes are reported and paid by the due date, the proprietor may deduct 3% of the tax amount due. If said taxes are not received in a timely manner, they are considered past due, and the 3% discount does not apply and a 10% penalty for late filing is added to taxes due.

Meals Tax Registration

The City of Danville welcomes you and wishes you success in your new business. Download a Meals Tax Registration Form (PDF).