Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

The Public Works Department's Code Enforcement Division is charged with overseeing the following Code Sections:

  1. Illegal accumulation, storage, and disposal of solid waste (Section 17)
  2. Overgrowth and weeds on private property (Section 38.5)
  3. Inoperative vehicles (Section 21.142 to 21.149)
  4. Abandoned Vehicles (Section 21.136 to 21.141)
  5. Right of way encroachments (Section 35.12 to 14.1)
  6. Automobile graveyards and junkyards (Section 20.13 to 23)
  7. Waterway obstructions (Section 9. 179.1 to 179.2)


The following are services provided by the Code Enforcement Officers:

  1. Investigate reports from residents regarding code violations
  2. Notify property owners of code violations, prescribe corrective action and monitor
  3. When necessary, prepare and refer cases to the office of the City Attorney for further legal action
  4. Ensure that conditions which pose a negative impact on a neighborhood are eliminated

To file a complaint or to report a violation, please call Public Works Code Enforcement Inspectors, Nicole Cundiff, Anthony Boyd, or Holley Preston at 434-799-5245.

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