Street Resurfacing

2014-2015 Street Resurfacing Program
The following paving list are the streets scheduled for resurfacing in 2014-2015. The list is subject to adjustments as funds allow and are not in order of construction. For more information on street resurfacing, call A. Kent Shelton, Engineering Division Director, or Ronnie Carson, Construction Inspections Supervisor, at 434-799-5019.

Street Being Resurfaced
Starting Point
Ending Point
Audubon Drive Riverside Drive Woodview Drive
Brightleaf Road Kentuck Road Dead End
Carlson Avenue Lanier Avenue Morris Avenue
Carrollton Road N Woodberry Avenue Audubon Drive
College Avenue (Spring 2015) Avondale Drive Dead End at Railroad
Crestwood Drive Cedarbrook Drive Englewood Lane
Enterprise Drive Mt Cross Road Mall Circle
Floyd Street Monroe Street Spring Street
Hampton Drive Arnett Boulevard Arnett Boulevard
Ida Street Eighth Street Dead End
Idlewood Terrace Summit Road Dead End
Luna Lake Road Rutledge Creek Red Bud Lane
Murphy Circle Cedarbrook Drive Winstead Drive
Norfolk Place Dover Place Berkshire Drive
Parrish Road Ruskin Street Westview Drive
Paxton Street Jefferson Street Berryman Avenue
Primrose Place Memorial Drive Mountain View Avenue
Richardson Court Wilson Road Cul-de-sac
River Oak Drive River Oak Boulevard 500' West
Robin Hood Drive Robin Hood Court Cul-de-sac
South Street Eighth Street Dead End
South Boston Road WBL Joint West of Cemetery Entrance American National Bank
Stokes Street Holbrook Avenue South Main Street
Summit Road S Woodberry Avenue Audubon Drive
W Green Street Rison Street Holbrook Avenue
Westhampton Avenue (Spring 2015) Southampton Avenue College Avenue
Woodlawn Drive Westover Drive End of City Maintenance