nDanville Fiber Optic Services

nDanville is the broadband fiber network provided by Danville Utilities. The nDanville network became operational in late 2005, and was the first municipal open access, open services network in the United States. Since then, new customers have been connected steadily, and a major expansion began in the summer of 2009. View the nDanville website.
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The nDanville fiber network is also used to support the Utilities Department Smart Grid effort to provide resilient and reliable electric power to businesses and residents, using state-of-the-art Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and sophisticated substation and power monitoring.

Every substation is monitored using fiber connections, and a highly sophisticated outage management system enables the grid operators to quickly diagnose and solve power issues. Learn more about the nDanville Fiber Optic Network.

nDanville's Hot Park free public wireless internet system is now in place in some of Danville's parks. Learn more about nDanville Hot Parks.