nDanville Fiber Optic Network

nDanville Quick Facts
  • nDanville is owned and operated by the Danville Utilities.
  • Private sector service providers offer all services to businesses and residents.
  • The network can provide connectivity over its fiber network at any speed or capacity needed by any business interested in the region, including high-bandwidth applications like data centers and server farms.
  • nDanville will be able to meet or exceed all speed and bandwidth standards and requirements of the proposed federal broadband stimulus spending bill.
  • Area schools have already benefited from substantial savings by using nDanville to get gigabit network connections and improved services at lower cost.
  • The nDanville Medical Network project has begun to connect a majority of doctor’s offices and medical clinics around the City. The network is already being used by the Danville Regional Medical Center to provide super high-speed connectivity to satellite clinics and offices in Danville.
  • Fiber services are available in all business parks in the Danville area.
  • The historic Downtown Tobacco Warehouse District has fiber availability in office buildings, rental apartments, and condominiums.