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Posted on: June 25, 2019

May cleanup campaign nets 269 tons of debris

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Danville Public Works Department crews collected 269.7 tons of debris during the seventh annual “Make Danville Shine” campaign, a month-long effort held in May.

The total was an increase of 20.7 percent or 46.27 tons from the prior year’s campaign.

Residents who arranged for the use of debris trailers or simply placed oversized piles of mixed debris and yard waste at their curbside for pickup by the city’s grapple “bucket” trucks generated the tonnage.

Public Works crews collected 231.08 tons from bucket truck pickups and 38.62 tons from debris trailers reserved by residents.

The “Make Danville Shine” campaign encourages every citizen to focus on maintenance, upkeep, and beautification of their property and to assist neighbors who may not be able to do so due to age or disability.

In support of the cleanup campaign, the Public Works Department made available by reservation its 18 cubic-yard debris trailers at no charge. It also allowed oversized piles of separated yard waste and household debris to be placed at residential curbside for collection at no charge.

The department in May also waived the cost of tire disposal for up to four tires per household, and by appointment, crews collected at no charge heavy debris such as bricks, rock and cinder blocks.

Crews collected 1,524 tires, 29 piles of rock, brick and other heavy debris, and 25 appliances.

In addition to debris waste, crews collected 1,194.65 tons of trash, garbage, and other solid waste

Public Works this month returned to the enforcement of the standard solid waste regulations that were waived during the Make Danville Shine campaign. Residential properties are allowed up to four large bulk debris items per week. All small debris and household waste/garbage generated by a household must be in an approved container, which is a trash can that has an attached lid making it watertight, has a dump bar so it can be hydraulically dumped, and has wheels for mobility.

In declaring May as “Make Danville Shine Month,” city officials pointed out that it is the intangible things like a clean community that make a difference in promoting business growth and the community as a whole.

The annual cleanup campaign involves simple steps that every resident can do around their house, such as clean the gutters, paint the exterior, landscape the yard and clear their property of weeds, vines, and overgrowth.

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