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  1. Free (or a lower fee) for online payment of Utilities and Property Taxes

    Instead of using an outside company for utility bill payments could this be integrated into the City Government webpage? The surcharge and service from the company is not very good IMO. Free (or a...

    Nov 16, 2012 by Kevin Kirk (10 points)

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  2. I would like Danville City to sell its electric and gas utilities to a privately owned utility company.

    Rates at surrounding utility companies are lower than Danville Utility rates. It is time to give all residents a break on utility rates by selling the city owned utility to a privately owned utility...

    Jun 16, 2014 by Rabbit (36 points)

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  3. River front shoppes restaurants and businesses. Performing Arts center

    A performing arts center will bring in all kinds of people. The tobacco district should be renovated so that all of the unused buildings downtown will house new shoppes, restaurants, businesses that...

    May 16, 2014 by gail (21 points)

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