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1. How do I report a traffic signal or sign problem?
2. Where are recycling drop-off centers in the city?
3. What can be taken to the recycling drop-off centers?
4. Does the City of Danville recycle electronics?
5. What is an inoperative vehicle?
6. How does someone report a violation of an ordinance?
7. How long do I have to abate a code violation?
8. Can I make an anonymous complaint?
9. Who should I contact if a sewer backup occurs in my house?
10. How do I report a stopped up storm drain?
11. How do I find out which streets are scheduled for repaving?
12. Will the City trim trees on my private property?
13. What is a City right-of-way and how far does it extend onto my property?
14. Can I get a permit to place a sign on the City right-of-way? What will happen if I place a sign on the City right-of-way?
15. How can I purchase surplus/confiscated items from the City of Danville?