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1. How can I tell if my home uses too much energy?
2. Where are the biggest air leaks in my home?
3. Do air ducts make a difference in my home’s energy use?
4. Can I add new insulation on top of old insulation?
5. How do I know if I have enough insulation in my attic? If my attic needs more, how much insulation should I add?
6. Should I install an insulating blanket on my water heater?
7. What is a CFL?
8. Why should people use CFLs?
9. I've been told it is not good to turn my CFLs on and off frequently. Is this true?
10. What are LEDs?
11. What is ENERGY STAR?
12. Are ENERGY STAR energy efficient appliances worth the extra cost?
13. Do cell phone and other wall chargers and adapters use energy even when they are not charging anything?
14. Where should a thermostat be located in your house? Is it worth having a thermostat moved if it is in a bad spot?
15. I’ve heard setting a thermostat back during the day does not save on energy costs because you use at least as much energy as you’ve saved warming your house back up. Is this true?