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1. How do I get a library card?
2. What is my PIN number?
3. Are there computers available for use?
4. What type of computers do you have?
5. Can I reserve a computer ahead of time?
6. What programs are on your computers?
7. Can I print documents and web pages?
8. Where do I return library materials?
9. Are there fines for overdue library books?
10. How do I renew materials?
11. If I can no longer read small print, what other options are there for me to enjoys books and stories?
12. Can I request that the Library purchase a book?
13. How do I search for an item in the Library?
14. Does the library accept donations of used books?
15. Is it possible to fax or make copies at the library?
16. How do I ask a reference question?
17. Can I reserve library rooms for events?
18. How can I volunteer at the library?