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My Briefcase
What do I use this for?
My briefcase is a function that allows you to bookmark pages. The briefcase menu then allows you to send your friends the pages you bookmarked and selected in a single PDF file. This is done since some email providers block images and other documents that would otherwise show your recipient the information on the page.

How do I use it?
To get started, look for the ‘Add to Briefcase’ icons (My Briefcase icon) throughout the site and click them to add the page’s content or the linked document to your Briefcase. At any time, click the ‘My Briefcase’ button at the top of all pages and view the ‘My Items’ tab to manage the items currently added to your Briefcase. After you have added all of your desired items, you can preview your PDF and email it to an Email address of your choice from the ‘Create & Send PDF’ tab in this window.

To email it, enter your name, your email address, all email addresses you wish to send the PDF document to, an email subject, and then an optional email message.

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