What is Incident Based Reporting?

(IBR) Incident Based Reporting

What is the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)?

The NIBRS is an incident-based reporting system in which agencies collect data on each single crime occurrence. NIBRS data are received from participating local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies having automated records systems. An agency can build a system to suit its own needs, including any collection/storage of information required for administration and operations, as well as to report data required by the NIBRS to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. The NIBRS collects data on each single incident and arrest within 22 offense categories made up of 46 specific crimes called Group A offenses. For each of the offenses coming to the attention of law enforcement, specified types of facts about each crime are reported. In addition to the Group A offenses, there are 11 Group B offense categories for which only arrest data are reported.

What are the benefits of participating in the NIBRS?

The benefits of participating in the NIBRS are: The NIBRS can furnish information on nearly every major criminal justice issue facing law enforcement today, including terrorism, white collar crime, weapons offenses, missing children where criminality is involved, drug/narcotics offenses, drug involvement in all offenses, hate crimes, spousal abuse, abuse of the elderly, child abuse, domestic violence, juvenile crime/gangs, parental abduction, organized crime, pornography/child pornography, driving under the influence, and alcohol-related offenses.

  • Using the NIBRS, legislators, municipal planners/administrators, academicians, sociologists, and the public will have access to more comprehensive crime information than the traditional Summary reporting system can provide. (excerpted from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program / Frequently Asked Questions Manual)

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Local IBR information inquiries may be made by contacting the Lieutenant of Police Records at 434-799-6522 or via email.