Electronic Application Submission Process

We are pleased to announce that electronic application submittal and electronic plan reviews are now available through the City’s Permits Portal. Many things you can do in-person at the permitting office you can now do online. Examples include submitting applications for permits, paying online, submitting files and information, checking the status of a permit application, and downloading plan review comments and approved plans. You can apply for permits, projects, special events, and monitor the progress of your case status through the convenience of the Permits Portal. The Permits Portal can benefit you or your organization in many ways including real-time updates, faster processing, quicker turnaround, and the ability to print permits directly from the portal.

Applications for planning, engineering, fire, maintenance, building permits, and special event applications may also be submitted in-person at the appropriate office.

To create a permit application online:
  • Submit a completed application and upload required documents as described within the application instructions. Each division has made lists available to the public that specify in detail the information required for an application.
  • As part of the submittal process, you may be notified with an invoice and a link to process payment. Follow the steps to make payment for the application. Payments may be made online. An application submitted is not finalized, and the plan review time frame does not start, until the City receives the required payment, and the application is approved.
  • Staff will verify submittal of the documents and fees paid. You may receive a signed “Receipt of Documents,” which only certifies that materials were submitted on a specific date and accepted by this portal. This “Receipt” is not an indication of the completeness of submitted materials, or that the documents submitted constitute a valid application.

Click Apply below to create an account and begin the submittal process for a permit or project. Please note that an email account is required to create an account.

If you have questions regarding your application submittal, you are encouraged to speak with staff prior to applying online. You can do this by calling 434-799-5260 Ext 2487.

To access the online video tutorial; please click here or view below.

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For a complete list of all City of Danville online services, please visit http://danvilleva.gov/822/E-Services