Employee Recognition

Officer of the Month

The Danville Police Department implemented an Officer of the Month program in 2018. Each month, Chief Scott Booth asks supervisors assigned to the Operations Division to select an officer that has gone “above and beyond” in the performance of his or her duties and write up a brief synopsis detailing those efforts. The members of the command staff then meet, review the submissions, and make a selection. The same process is also followed for the Services Division, and an officer assigned to a unit other than Operations is selected as well.

Please join me in congratulating our officers of the month for September 2021!

Scott C. Booth

Chief of Police

Patrol Officers of the Month

During the month of September, Officer J. S. Stadler and Officer M. S. Matherly Jr. responded to a call of a person being stabbed.  When officers arrived on the scene, they observed the suspect with a knife while being restrained by the victim. Officer Stadler ordered the suspect to drop the knife, but this did not happen.  Officer Matherly was on the scene providing assistance.  Once the victim let go of the suspect, the suspect stabbed the victim.  Officer Stadler deployed his taser effectively on the suspect.  Officer Matherly helped place the suspect in custody without further incident.  This was a deadly force situation and the officers showed extreme restraint and were able to save the lives of all involved.  Officer Stadler and Officer Matherly are to be commended for their exceptional work in this incident.

Officer J. Stadler

J. Stadler

Officer M. Matherly

M. Matherly

Specialty Officers of the Month

During the month of September, Detective Woody was aware of two robbery warrants on a suspect. Although this was not his case, he knew the importance of getting the suspect arrested. He reached out to several law enforcement partners and with their assistance and resources, the wanted suspect was apprehended within a couple hours and evidence pertaining to the case was located.  Detective Woody is a very reliable and hardworking employee. Even in circumstances where the case is assigned to others, he gets involved and offers all the necessary assistance. Detective Woody is the definition of a team player and should be congratulated for his efforts.  

Detective R. Woody

Officer R.M. Woody

Supervisors of the Quarter – Third Quarter of 2021 | Lieutenant J. L. West and Lieutenant S. J. High  

In the third quarter of 2021, officers responded to a bomb threat at the Galileo Magnet High School. Lieutenant West was serving as the on-duty Officer in Charge, he immediately responded and took command, established a command post, and worked collaboratively with Lieutenant High to deploy resources from multiple governmental agencies, execute an evacuation plan, safely move evacuees for reunification, and conduct a thorough search of the structure for hazards. The incident was resolved safely and with no injuries to students, faculty, or first responders. Lieutenant West and Lieutenant High are to be commended for their efforts. 

Lt. J. West

Sergeant J.L. West

Lt. S. High

S. High
D. WIlkins

Professional Staff Member of the Quarter – Third Quarter of 2021 | Ms. Donna Wilkins

Ms. Donna Wilkins is assigned to the Records Unit of the Danville Police Department.  One of her primary responsibilities is the new overtime process for officers.  The Department recently updated the procedures and Ms. Wilkins has taken on this new task with a great deal of dedication and enthusiasm.  There was an enormous learning curve that would have dissuaded a lesser employee from undertaking this task and she has become very knowledgeable in the system. In addition, she has continued to be responsible for most of her administrative duties from a previous assignment and she is still available to assist her colleagues.  Congratulations to Ms. Wilkins on her remarkable efforts during the third quarter of 2021.