Officer of the Month

Officer of the Month

The Danville Police Department implemented an Officer of the Month program in 2018. Each month, Chief Scott Booth asks supervisors assigned to the Operations Division to select an officer that has gone “above and beyond” in the performance of his or her duties and write up a brief synopsis detailing those efforts. The members of the command staff then meet, review the submissions, and make a selection. The same process is also followed for the Services Division, and an officer assigned to a unit other than Operations is selected as well.

For the month of December, I would like to congratulate the following officers for their selection as the Officers of the Month:

Please join me in congratulating our officers of the month for December 2018!

Scott C. Booth

Chief of Police 


Pulley, J.A.

On December 09, 2018, Sergeant J.A. Pulley investigated a tobacco store burglary. The suspects smashed the front glass and took a large amount of cigarettes and fled on vehicle. Unbeknownst to the criminals, a GPS device was included in the items taken. Sgt. Pulley monitored this device and tracked the criminals to Richmond, VA. While maintaining communications with Richmond PD, they were able to isolate the GPS signal. This led to the identity of the suspects and also uncovered a large scale cigarette theft ring. Sgt. Pulley’s due diligence and efforts did not go unnoticed. Good work!

On December 22, 2018, Officer J.A. Booth took into custody Donald Younger. Danville PD was holding 10 arrest warrants, 5 of which were felony warrants, on Younger. Through researching case history, Officer Booth developed an informant from a known associate of Younger. He arranged to arrive at a designated location the morning of 12/22/18 while the informant would be taking out the trash. He then obtained consent to enter the residence where Younger was sleeping on the couch. Younger was taken into custody. Taking the time each day to look through the active warrant list through the PSOPS program as well as jacketed warrants in the storage rack enabled him to take a wanted individual into custody. Good job!

Booth, J.A.
Wiles-Lipscomb, S.G.

On December 19th, 2018, Officer S.G. Wiles-Lipscomb discovered there was an elderly member of our city in need. He was an 89 year old resident of 711 Arnett Blvd. She discovered that he was having a hard time getting out to get groceries. She reached out to Social Services about the situation and arrangements were made with God’s Storehouse to provide assistance. She did not stop there. She went the additional mile by picking up the groceries from God’s Storehouse and delivering them to the resident. The resident was so appreciative as well as DPD is proud to have her showing such humanity. Outstanding work!