Southern Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Program - Come together at Stonewall Recreation Center for fun, fellowship, and an exchange of information. This program is open to senior citizens ages 60 and older. For more information, call (434) 799-5199 on Thursdays or Fridays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and ask for Clara Bennett.

Sensitivity Training - Is your company or school in need of sensitivity training in reference to working with people with impairments? Do children in your organization tease other children who may be different? If so, contact Charlene Presley at (434) 799-5199, and let us set up a fun and informative workshop for your children or staff. Our goals are to offer outreach and education about working with people with disabilities.

Resource Speakers - Civic organizations, churches, and other groups seeking a guest speaker in reference to the Therapeutic Recreation Center's purpose and activities may contact the Center at (434) 799-5199.

In-School Recreation Therapy - Stonewall Therapeutic staff will provide recreation therapy in the Danville Public Schools for Trainable Intellectual Disability, self-contained classrooms as time permits. Service is limited to preschool, elementary school, and middle school students. If you are interested in scheduling Recreation Therapy for your class, call (434) 799-5199.

Advocacy - Stonewall staff members are available to lend support to people with impairments and related services. Contact the Center at (434) 799-5199 for more information.