Meeting Guidelines

Regular Meetings

Meetings of the Council are formal proceedings. The Clerk of the Council records all comments. An agenda is provided for the convenience of the public and the Council.

Meetings are televised live on River City TV and streaming on the River City Facebook Page. Meetings are also re-broadcast on alternating Tuesdays. The Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.. Council Work Sessions are held as needed following the regular business meeting.

Guidelines for Citizen Participation

At any regular meeting of the Council, visitors who desire to speak upon matters other than those on the agenda for such meeting may do so only at the time for communications from visitors. Please register to speak by 12pm the Friday before the meeting using this form or contacting the Office of the City Clerk at 434.797-8928.

Matters brought to the attention of the Council at that time, which require action by the Council, shall be referred to the City Manager for a report at a subsequent meeting of the Council. Persons who desire to speak upon a matter of business which is on the agenda of the meeting may do so only at the time the matter is considered by the Council.

The following rules apply to "Communications from Visitors":

  1. Communications from Visitors shall be for the purpose of allowing members of the public to present any matter, which, in their opinion, deserves the attention of the Council. They shall not serve as a forum for debate with the Council.
  2. Persons wishing to address the Council must sign up to do so no later than noon on the Friday prior to the next scheduled Council meeting by either signing up on the City website or calling the City Clerk. Upon recognition by the Mayor, the speaker shall address themselves to the Mayor and Council.
  3. The Mayor, in his discretion, may recognize other citizens wishing to address Council. 
  4. Remarks shall be addressed directly to the Council and not to staff, the audience, or the media.
  5. The presiding officer shall open the Communications from Visitors.
  6. Each speaker shall clearly state his or her name and address. If the speaker is uncomfortable stating his or her address in public, he or she may provide that information privately to the Clerk of Council after speaking.  
  7. There shall be a time limit for each individual speaker of 3 minutes. 
  8. A representative of a group may have up to five (5) minutes to make a presentation. The representative shall identify the group at the beginning of his or her presentation. A group may have no more than one spokesperson.
  9. Speakers are not permitted to donate time to other speakers.
  10. There shall be no comment during Communications from Visitors on a matter for which a public hearing is scheduled during the same meeting.
  11. There shall be no comment during Communications from Visitors on a matter that has already been the subject of a previous public hearing where no final vote has been taken.
  12. Any issue raised by the public which the Council wishes to consider may be put on the agenda for a future Council meeting or work session by a majority vote.
  13. Council members shall not discuss issues raised by the public except by consent of a majority of the Council members present. 
  14. Once the Council has heard a presentation from an individual or organization on a particular subject, the individual or organization may not make another presentation on the same subject within three (3) months of the first presentation, except by a majority vote of the members of the Council present and voting. 
  15. The above rules notwithstanding, members of the public may present written comments to the Council or to individual Council members at any time during the meeting. Such written comments shall be submitted through the Clerk of Council.

If you have a written statement or a petition, please file it with the Clerk of the Council. If supportive material is to be distributed among Council Members and staff, please provide fourteen (14) copies.

Additionally, persons appearing before Council will not be allowed to:

  1. Campaign for public office;
  2. Promote private business ventures;
  3. Use profanity or vulgar language or gestures;
  4. Make comments which are harmful, discriminatory, or embarrassing to any citizens, officials, or employees of City of Danville or make comments in the form of personal attacks.
  5. Use language which insults or demeans any person or which, when directed at a public official or employee is not related to his or her official duties, however, citizens have the right to comment on the performance, conduct, and qualifications of public figures;
  6. Make non-germane or frivolous statements;
  7. Interrupt other speakers or engage in behavior that disrupts the meeting including but not limited to applause, cheers, jeers, etc.;
  8. Engage in behavior that intimidates others; or
  9. Address the Council on issues that do not concern the services, policies, or affairs of the city.

These guidelines are found in the Danville City Council Rules of Procedure (PDF), adopted on February 21,2023.

Presentations to City Council using City Equipment

In addition to hard copies of presentations, citizens may also use the computer at the podium for presentations. City Council Chambers is equipped with two screens for the public in addition to smaller screens for City Council members at their places. Any presentations that wish to use the screens must be provided to the City Manager’s Office, at the attention of River City TV, by 4pm, the day of the meeting to test for compatibility. Please contact Mark Aron at 434-773-8106 for more information.

Thank you for taking time to participate in your City Council meeting. The Mayor and members of council invite and encourage you to attend whenever possible because good government depends on the interest and involvement of you and your fellow citizens.