Emergency Shelters

City Emergency Shelters

If you are directed to evacuate, make arrangements to stay with friends or family outside the affected area whenever possible. For evacuees who have no alternative shelter, emergency management will open shelters throughout the City operated by the Danville Social Services Division with American Red Cross-trained personnel.

City-operated shelters may be set up in schools, Parks and Recreation centers, and places of worship. They provide basic food and water. If possible, bring clothing, bedding, bathing and sanitary supplies, medications, and your Emergency Go Pak to shelters.

Keep In Mind

Shelters have specific rules and operating procedures. Be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Alcoholic beverages, firearms, and illegal substances are not allowed in city-operated emergency shelters
  • Police will be on-site at each city-operated shelter for security and background checks if necessary
  • Shelter sites change based on the emergency, so stay informed