Real Estate


Real Estate provides mass appraisal services of real property for tax purposes.

Real Estate discovers, lists, and appraises all real property in the City; maintains current ownership and mailing address information; maintains current tax parcel maps; and provides special assessments for land use.

The necessity for Reassessments:

Real property tax is governed by State laws. State law requires property tax liabilities to be distributed according to property values and for those values to be at 100% of fair market value. As economic conditions are constantly changing, so are property values. It is our responsibility to perform periodic reviews, adjustments as well as sales, cost, and income analysis that are necessary to maintain an accurate assessment. Assessing all real estate at fair market value assures all property owners are assessed fairly and equitably, thus the costs associated with our schools, fire, protection and public services are distributed properly and fairly.

If you would like to file an appeal regarding your assessment, please use the Assessment Appeal Form and email it to Lisa Martin at