Correctional Services / Jail

Danville City Jail

The Danville City Jail is a major maximum-security jail located on the first floor of the Courts and Jail Building. The jail and jail annex house approximately 213 inmates. The annex is located at the Danville Adult Detention Facility. Danville City Jail provides both educational and religious programs for the benefit of those incarcerated. For more information, contact the Jail at 434-799-5130.

Some of the services and programs include:

  • Religious services
  • Domestic Violence/Victim Notification
  • Substance abuse
  • GED classes

Jail Work Forces

The Danville City Jail has two separate types of work forces. Inside Work Force (with both male and female trustees) provides services for the:

  • Kitchen - Preparing and serving three meals a day for inmates
  • Laundry - Washing inmate's linens, blankets, and uniforms
  • Janitorial - General cleaning and maintaining of floors and cell blocks

The Outside Work Force (with male trustees) works with Parks and Recreation by performing:

  • Total upkeep and maintenance of playgrounds in Danville
  • Total upkeep and maintenance of ball fields in Danville

Goals & Objectives

The Danville Sheriff's Office's philosophy, goals, and objectives are to provide appropriate supervision of persons entrusted to the Department's care, to meet their basic human needs, and to make available programs that will promote positive attitudes and behavior changes.

All goals and objectives of the Danville Sheriff's Office are and shall always be in accordance with the standards, policies, and procedures approved by the State Board of Corrections, as promulgated by the Board of Corrections Revised July 17, 2002.