Visiting Inmates by friends and family

Upon intake, each inmate is given a visitation list form that must be completed prior to having visitors. Each inmate is allowed three regular visitors and one alternate visitor. For more information, contact the Jail at 434-799-5130 or view the visitation schedule.

Attorneys and other legal visitors

Attorneys, probation officers, and parole officers are allowed to visit clients per the attorney visitation schedule. Attorney visits with inmates outside the scope of this schedule should be made with the Jail Administrator; 434-799-5130, ext. 6. To visit with female clients who are housed at the jail annex, the jail staff must be given advanced notice. This is needed for transportation purposes.

All visitors to the jail are subject to search. No smoking, food or drink in the attorney rooms. Attorney visits are confidential. Attorneys are only allowed to deliver legal material to inmates. The Control Room operator shall be made aware of any items to be given to the inmate and those items will be searched.

Clergy Visits

All clergy visits must be arranged through the jail Chaplain Reverend David Abernathy. He can be reached by calling 434-799-5130, ext. 4.