Traffic Control

Traffic Control

The Traffic Control section is overseen by the Engineering Division of Public Works and is responsible for design, placement, operation, and maintenance of traffic control devices.

Tasks and responsibilities are:

  • Maintain, install, and monitor all traffic signal devices
  • Maintain and install all traffic signs and street name signs
  • Maintain and install all school flashing lights
  • Prepare daily reports and records as required
  • Paint airport runway markings
  • Install banners for special events as required
  • Assist in special events and snow removal
  • Make traffic counts for intersection studies, etc.
  • Fabricate traffic signs


Traffic Control maintains 75 signalized intersections, 33 school lights, and 54 fire emergency pre-emption signals.


Traffic Control maintains and installs all street name signs and other signs such as stop, yield, overhead guides, warning signs, and facility signs such as Dan Daniel Memorial Park, Ballou Park, etc. Traffic Control also provides the decaling for all City vehicles and lettering of all City-owned buildings.

Street Marking

Striping of the City's 726-lane miles of roadway is completed annually. Layout and painting of parking lots and handicapped spaces is also accomplished annually.